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Seemax Electronic Counterfeit Money detector with 4W UV Lamp

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Key Features

  • High Security: Ultraviolet Light is used to check UV sensitive strips and markings

  • Multi-Purpose Solution: This counterfeit detector can be used to verify currency, passports, credit cards, and ID's

  • Easy to Use: Detector comes equipped with US currency chart to help show the user if the bill is counterfeit

  • Compact and Portable: Counterfeit Detector has a lightweight, compact design for portability

  • Durable: UL Certified. Heavy Duty Construction. 1 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty.

Other Features

    • With water print check.
    • detection with fine visual view
    • Functions on most of major international currency bills
    • Easy to use secure and convenient for business and personal use
    • Suitable places for supermarkets, shopping, banks, hotels
    • Support currency: Kenyan Shilling,Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, Japanese yen, RMB, won, pound sterling, Thai strain, ruble, Euro
    • The UV detection bulbs easily detect fake notes by revealing fluorescent strips
    • Package Included
      1 x Money Detector (with an adapter)

    • Specifications
      Name: Small Portable Money Detector
      Model: 318
      Voltage: 220-230V AC 50-60Hz or 6V Battery(not included)
      Power: 4W or 10W
      Color: Black

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